Dave Alan Williams

I’ve watched the 20/20 special “We Find Them” with Kelley Cahill telling her story about what happened to her, thanks to you. I’ve read all the other posts from women you have lied to and scammed. So, I’m sharing one of the gifts you gave me.

Thanks for the pic liar!

Living in California, Colorado and whatever place he finds a willing victim

Dave Alan Williams

Dave Alan Williams

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  1. Not surprised at 2:48 pm

    OMG the pic! He hasn’t changed at all and he clearly has a problem! I just cannot get over how many women have been affected and the list keeps growing.

  2. Ugh, how gross…the face of a CHEATER!

  3. Rose,how can you focus on the face when that kegger is sitting there in his lap, now THATS gross! Naked, chubby, hairy and sitting at his computer looking like a total perv. (probably while his wife was out working)

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